Ten on Tuesday


Today’s topic is ‘you’re ten favorite Sunday dinners. ‘ But really, when was the last time I had a Sunday dinner? I used to work every Sunday night. So I am going to alter it a bit. “ten favorite meals when I actually eat with a family”.

1. Spaghetti. This is a favorite at the O’neill’s house, which is convenient because it’s my favorite too. We use red sauce, Alfredo, or a homemade buttery garlic sauce! Yum.

2. Homemade Mac and cheese. My mom makes a killer baked Mac and cheese! She uses three cheeses and a crust to make it crunch.

3. Thanksgiving dinner. While I’m not a big meat person, I do enjoy mashed potatoes, biscuits and cranberry sauce. And stuffing. Lots and lots of stuffing.

4. Speaking of potatoes, Dennis’s father, Joe gets deliveries from a steak company that also has stuffed baked potatoes. They are overflowing with cheddar cheese and bacon bits!

5. Chicken with veggies. Basic? Yes. But I love putting BBQ sauce on the chicken and salt on the veggies.

6. Chinese food. Yes now I’m getting into deliveries. Once in a while when our schedules work out, my family will order lots of Chinese food! My favorite are the crab rangoons!

7. Cheese pizza. Bacon is ok too. But I love the cheese! So simple.

8. Grilled cheese. I know, not much of a Sunday dinner but hey, this is my life. Dennis makes the best grilled cheese with 2 kinds of cheeses and tomato.

9. Chicken salad. This is a favorite at my grandma’s house. We have a huge family.

10. Pancakes and bacon. Preferably from ihop. Yay for brinner!


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