Ten On Tuesday

This week’s Ten on Tuesday is 10 goals for the new year.


1. Do better in school. Even though I generally end up with B’s I feel like I can do better, or at least pay attention more.

2. Read more. This one should be easy.

3. Work out everday. I have done this so far and it already HURTS.

4. Get healthy, that means YOU kidneys!!!

5. Help Dennis get the drumline moving along, I truely belive that together we can do anything.

6. Go to church on Sundays. I used to do this alot, but it sort of lost it’s appeal after Deacon died, but that was three years ago and I’m starting to feel like I can be involved in the community again.

7. Travel more. I already have plans of going to Maryland March!

8. Practice my music more, you know, since I am a music student.

9. Keep up with my blog.

10. Do all of this without going insane….


About emilynicolestory

student, musician, photographer.
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