Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday

Today’s topic was “10 ways to stick to your fitness plan”. I think they are asking the wrong person.

1. Buy a yoga mat. If you are like me and can’t afford a gym membership, a yoga mat is great. That way you aren’t doing sit ups on the hard floor.

2. Have a treadmill. I am lucky enough to live in a house with one and I use it frequently.

3. Have nice athletic wear. As you can see, I have new pink running shoes.

4. Change it up. I get my mat work outs from a magazine that comes out with new ones every other months. This way I don’t get bored.

5. Have good music. Nothing gets you pumped up like music.

6. Think of it differently. I struggle with anxiety and exercise is said to release happy hormones. I see it as an alternative to medication.

7. Don’t over do it. You can easily get frustrated if you hurt yourself during a work out.

8. Have a plan. For instance, my workout days are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

9. Know your limitations. For instance, I know my heart isn’t very good so I have to be careful to not push it too much.

10. Have support. Of course, that’s Dennis. He works out every other day.


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