Ten On Tuesday

Today’s topic is 10 things you miss about your childhood. OH BOY!


1. Visiting my dad every weekend. My parents are divorced, and we always looked forward to going to Dad’s. It was like an adventure. 

2. Deacon Jones. He and Father Mediros were the ones we had known longest, besides our family. Three years later it’s still strange to think he’s gone. 

3. Spending weekends at Grandma Kay’s. She always made sure we were well fed.

4. All the pets we have had and lost over the years.

5. Having Mark and Steve as step brothers and Andrea as a step mom. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cheryl, Ash, Alyssa and DJ too, but I miss the others.

6. Our apartment in Fall River. Everything was within walking distance including the waterfront. 

7. Playing in the woods with Danielle and Holli. This was a common activity for us.

8. Getting to spend every day with Kevin. We were so close.

9. The late bus. I had some of my best times on the busses. That’s where I met Jackie and Stephanie. 

10. Big Breakfast and Shortcuts. Big Breakfast was every Sunday, Mom would make pancakes and bacon! Shortcuts were actually long cuts, Peter would carry, chase, swing or anything else us and throw us in our bed! 


Good times and sometimes I do miss them. But I am also so happy with my life now.


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student, musician, photographer.
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