Hi Again

Okay, so one of these days I will be an actual blogger with less than a year in between posts. Wow I’m the worst; So, I’m going to catch all of you up everyday, with everything you’ve missed in the last year. Lucky you. But, this is my blog and I can do what I want.

fluffy angry

You all remember Fluffy right? And I bet this is how you remember her, but you must know, that she isn’t always like that. She is actually nice some of the time and her mood varies every day. You see, Fluffy is a rescue cat. Dennis rescued her from Texas when he lived there from an abusive, neglectful home.Due to her upbringing, she is very scared around women with dark hair. Such as me. But sometimes, she’s nice. Even to me.

fluffy calm

Look, how pretty she can be.

fluffy happy

So sweet sometimes.

These photos are from December 2013.


About emilynicolestory

student, musician, photographer.
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