The Cats

A while ago, okay, a couple years ago, I took these pictures of the kitties. (I told you, I’m playing catch up!) I had just gotten my new iPhone, and it happens to take wonderful pictures outside.

fall princess

This is Princess, my cat. Yes, I realize this is not outside and that is because Princess does not go outside. We live too close to a busy street. Update: She is now 14 years old and is on meds for an overactive thyroid. She is doing much better.

fall fluffy

You all know Fluffy, one of Dennis’ rescue cats. This is one of the rare pictures I have of her not hissing at me. Update: She is now 16 and doing much better since the new living arrangements. See below.

fall pennt

This is Penny, Dennis’ other rescue. She came with Fluffy. She has definite “Tortitude”. She is a Tortoise Shell and that sassiness is quite common in her breed. Update: She is now 20 and just suffered a spinal cord stroke two weeks ago. She is doing better every day and is now able to walk almost normally!

fall tighe


This is Tighe. Update: We lost her in March because of a large tumor in her intestines. She was 13. She and Fluffy fought viciously. Now that she is gone, we took down the baby gate keeping them on separate floors and now Fluffy has free roam of the house. As sad as it is to lose Tighe, it has done wonders on Fluffy’s health. She is thriving.

There you have it, the update on my fur babies.


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