Nice Kitties

Important! Rare photos of Penny and Fluffy hanging out together! (Penny is the black one in the front, tortoise shell, and Fluffy is the blonde one in the back, maincoon). They never hang out because of Penny’s independent attitude. Even though they grew up together, and were rescued together, they don’t spend much time together. Fluffy is clearly dependent on Penny though. When she hears a dog barking she hides behind Penny, even though Penny is all of 6 pounds and Fluffy is a big maincoon! Whenever Penny gets sick and we have to rush her off to the vet, Fluffy gets upset. Penny is totally independent though and hardly pays poor Fluffy any notice. In fact, when we don’t let Penny out and she gets mad and Fluffy happens to be sitting there, she takes her anger out on Fluffy. So this is a rare occurrence.

nice kitties 2

nice kitties 3

nice kitties


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