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Feeding time 


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From Father’s Day

This year we celebrated Father’s Day at Joan and Joes’s house.  There was cake     And huge subs   Here is Stephen playing with one of the neighborhood cats, Oreo.       Joe loved all of his gifts. We got him … Continue reading

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My Princess

this is my kitty. Yes she is too skinny, this was right before she was diagnosed with over active thyroids. She’s much better now.    

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Playing with Penny


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Fluffy, a shameless beggar 

      Please sir, I never get fed. Can I have some steak?  

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Lunar Moth!

check out this cool lunar moth! You don’t see them often in Mass any more.   

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Goofy Penny 

Here she is on the toilet…..getting her chin rubbed blaa! 

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Last June, Dennis’ neice, Emily, graduated high school. It was a beutiful day! Here we are, one of the first nice days of the year, celebrating! Here is Emily, Lauren, Ann Marie, Scott, Joan and Joe. I thought this was  … Continue reading

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Guess what I’m doing tomorrow….

Buying a car that’s what. I miss my corrolla, but it’s smashed so I’m forced to buy a new one.. I’m sure I will love the new one too!

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Beauty Queen

Here is Lady Pennsington, AKA Penny.. Tortoise shell cat complete with “tortitude”

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