Fluffy healing part one 

 This is important for cat owners!!!! She went in to have some teeth pulled and came out blind, deaf and unable to feel, walk or do anything except sit there. She was so limp that I could hold her. Remember she hates me. The vet said she would heal, it took so long. They didn’t mention that we had to make sure she was getting a certain amount of food and water. We were giving her some but we didn’t know it wasn’t enough. Two weeks in with no change we were a day from putting her down. She wasn’t getting better. Suddenly one day she started getting better. She could smell it was me. That’s why she looks mad. So lesson is, if this happens to your cat, have patience and make sure they get plenty of food and water. Give them more of a chance than the vet does.  


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student, musician, photographer.
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