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Nana papa! 

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We love princess 

And she loves us…really….she is really happy though 

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Each year my family plays for the Mcavedonneson cup. (All our last names combined). we each pick some football teams to make up our own team, the team with the most points at the end of the year wins. All … Continue reading

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Mom’s side of the family 

Yup. This is all of them. 

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Mom and Bryce 


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My family Christmas 

   Here is mom and Kevin laughing about something   Princess got her ball covered in cat nip as a gift     Mom loved her turtle gift   Rare photo of Peter laughing     Wiped out kitty   Dennis got maple syrup     … Continue reading

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This is my kitty Princess checking out our drums the night after a competition.. She’s always been so nosy..

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Mom graduated and got a medical certificate! Yay! She worked very hard for this, she had an overnight job, evening classes and an internship. Now, she is much happier, she kept her overnight job and works at an urgent care … Continue reading

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